Our Works

Handy Birdy / Minny Birdy Ballpoint pen

These ballpoint pens were designed for users with weak hands.

Subsequent to the original design, we incorporated comments from various types of users to create design variations including a left-handed version, and version for small hands (Minny Birdy) that could be used both right-handed and left - handed.

These were our first products designed baced on detailed dialogue with users. The ink refills are replaceable enabling continuous use.

ハンディ・バーディ / ミニィ・バーディボールペン

握力の弱い方のことを考えて作られたボールペンです。さらに様々な使い手の意見を取り入れ、左利き用や小さい手用(ミニィ・バーディ)、両利き用等のバリエーションを拡げていった、最初のユーザー対話型製品です。芯を交換すれば繰り返し使えます 。

Produced: tripod design
Category: Universal design, Product Design
Skill: Planning,Research, Design, Original Brand
Sell: Sorry, discontinued
Tags: Universal Design, Product Design
Our Mission

Since its establishment in 1987, tripod design Co., Ltd. has consistently adopted a scientific approach to the process of developing designs.Themes are many and varied. Sometimes the object of our attention is human engineering.

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